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The 21 Most Indispensable Productivity Hacks Ever

The 21 Most Indispensable Productivity Hacks Ever

  1. pinterestproductivity Do. It. Now.  If a task is simple, do it the minute you think of it.
  2. Before doing a more complicated task, breathe in.  A few slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth will psych you up for the task at hand.
  3. Make time for planning at the beginning and ending of your day.  Get into the habit of taking ten minutes to go over your plans for the day first thing. At the end of the day, create a simple to-do list for the next day.
  4. Organize your workspace.  Taking just a few minutes to tidy up each day gives both your brain and your body a breather.
  5. Get a door/divider.  If your workspace is right in the middle of Grand Central Station, 1) consider a different location or 2) place some kind of divider around your area.  (I divided my LR by a curtain to create my own space.  My desk is behind the curtain and when it’s closed that’s my way of telling everyone in my house “Do Not Disturb.”)
  6. Set a timer.  When you train yourself to focus while a timer is running you’ll find you get more done.
  7. Set your work hours.  This is especially useful for work-from-home types like me.  Commit to your work hours being your work hours.
  8. Keep a journal.  Make it a habit to write down everything you do in a day.  When you track you might begin to see how you can improve spending your time.
  9. Start a “Book of Achievements.”  Whenever you hit a milestone, no matter how small, write it in your Book.  When you’re feeling frustrated or feel like you don’t accomplish enough, take out your book to remind yourself that you have done some wonderful things!
  10. Get out of your chair.  Sitting in one place all day is conducive to “tunnel vision.”  So get up, stretch, go in another room, walk around – do something else.  You’ll come back to your work refreshed and ready to take on the next to-do on your list.
  11. Eat sensibly.  Did you know this is one of the helpful actions you can take to maximize your alertness and overall well-being?  Don’t skip meals, don’t eat at your desk and pay attention to the enjoyment of your food as you’re eating.  You’ll mentally feel fuller and more fueled up to go throughout your day.
  12. Make use of goals and rewards.  Complete a task…sit in the sunshine for fifteen minutes.  Or enjoy some music.  Or watch some T.V.  Take a break!
  13. Hold Skype meetings.  Have a virtual team you’re working with?  This is hands-down the most efficient way to bring everyone to the table.  And it’s FREE.
  14. Allow twice as long for a project as you think it will take.  If you beat yourself up over missing deadlines (or pulling all-nighters to actually make them,) then get into the habit of automatically assigning yourself twice the time you need.
  15. Realize that the “final details” can sometimes be unexpectedly time-consuming.  Begin taking notes of really how long something routinely takes so you won’t feel so rushed the next time.
  16. Learn to ignore things.  Like email and Instant Messaging.  I keep IM turned off for this very reason.  I also don’t open my email first thing every morning.
  17. Make cooking easier.  We all have to eat and it always takes time to prepare.  Why not use the weekends to prepare some meals ahead of time? Slow cookers are also great.
  18. Limit social media and other distractions.  Time killers!  Yes, social media is necessary for business when you use it, not when you just enjoy it. Set a timer if that helps.  (It does for me.)
  19. Exercise.  If your energy level is hovering right above zero, that’s when you need to get moving the most.  You can’t argue with science. Exercise gives your blood cells oxygen, burns fat, limbers the body and helps you get rid of toxins.  All important when you’re trying to get more done.
  20. Use a password manager.  Ha!  I snuck that one in.  See how LastPass is literally one of the best time-savers I have ever come across.
  21. Realize that working more hours doesn’t equal more productivity.  There is no virtue in overwork.  Put your time into better organization, better work habits and beating procrastination.  When you save time you enjoy life more – AND get things done. :)

Would you share your go-to tips as well, please?  We need all the help we can get!!!

***Editor’s Note***Check out how I misspelled “indispensable” in my purdy image.  Since I only have a free account in PicMonkey I couldn’t go back and correct it once I noticed.  This just KILLS me…




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