The Simple Step-by-Step Formula
to Add 1,100 Ideal Clients to
Your List in One Day

5 Step Blueprint to Grow Your List Fast – Step Five

blueprint pm This week I’ve offered you a simple, step-by-step plan to add many more of the right prospective customers and clients to your marketing email list. In case you missed it, click on the links below to get all caught up:

Step One – Make a Plan

Step Two – Create a Powerful Sign-Up Incentive

Step Three: Get an Autoresponder

Step Four: Promote, Promote, Promote

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s move on and get to probably THE most important step – and the one that’s being missed by thousands of well-meaning business owners…

Step Five: Keep in Touch!

Most sales are made during the follow-up process.  Did you know that?

“But Betsy,” you might be saying, “why do I need to regularly keep in touch with clients and business buddies?  Don’t they already know and love me?”

Yes, and they’re also busy. So it makes sense for you to carve out a little time in your schedule to see what they’re up to, and how you can help them.

Riiiiiiight.  Your clients and customers want to hear from you when you’re sharing things of value to them.

Why are you reading this post right now?  Yep, because I hope I’m being of value to you.  Building a list is critical to your business growth, it’s something that I work on myself as a business owner and I want to help you achieve your business goals.  Makes perfect sense for me to be sharing these tips with you. But if the only time you ever heard from me was because I wanted something from you, you would pretty quickly tell me to hit the road, Jack!

As a matter of fact, if you spent all your time getting your subscriber and then doing nothing to retain them, what good has all of that work done you?

Not planning subscriber retention in advance is like going on a dazzling first date – and then forgetting to call.

Create powerful emails and blog posts and schedule them regularly for your subscribers.

You’ve got them to go on that first date – now make sure they want a second, and a third – and finally, a relationship. yes

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