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How to Work Less this Summer and Still Drive Traffic to Your Website

How to Work Less this Summer and Still Drive Traffic to Your Website

Okay, I’ve got a confession.  I’ve been a bit lax on the blogging lately.

photo (95) ←  ←  ← It’s summertime and I blame this guy.  At least partially. (Note the survival kit, ripped jeans and binoculars.  It’s tough living in our ‘hood.  And also keeping him occupied. ;) )

But guess what?  Even though I’ve been a slacker as of late, I’m still getting awesome traffic to my website and blog via my little friend Tweet Old Post (now known as Revive Old Post.  But  forgive me – I still have to refer to it as Tweet Old Post.  I’m Old Skool like that.)

Tweet Old Post allows you to stay visible and active on social media (well, okay, Twitter) and drive traffic to your site – without you lifting a finger!  Except to install it of course.

And it’s super-easy to add to your WordPress site.  Sweeeeeeeeet.

Don’t you love something for basically nothing?

The settings for Tweet Old Post allow you to specify how often to tweet. As I write this post, I have the interval set to tweet every 4 hours.  I really haven’t found a magic number – just liked four.  Here’s a screen shot.  You can also see that I chose not to put a minimum or maximum age on my posts since all of them are still relevant to business building on what is still a relatively new site.

Tweet Old Post hours

You can also set which categories tweets are sent from, and also exclude categories – and even individual posts –  that aren’t relevant for re-posting: (I use my Twitter account mainly for business.)

Tweet Old Post categories





I also included a “call to action” that will be attached to the end of each tweet as you see here: (you can see you also have options of where to add your call to action.)

Tweet Old Post customized









The one thing that gave me trouble was when I tried to use a URL shortener.  As you can see here, I just finally left that blank.  The new version may not give you as much trouble as it did me. ;)  Just look at all the options you have.  (Or don’t as you might get as confused as me.  Keep it simple, people.)

Tweet Old Post hours


And there you have it.  Get Tweet Old Post now.  No, I may not be as busy in the summer writing content for my blog but I’m still getting traffic and making sales.  And you just can’t beat that – am I right?

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