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Comparing Again? Why It Helps to Keep Blinders On in Your Business

comparison-is-the-thief-of- Teddy said it best, don’t you think?

I can feel perfectly fine in my life and business….until I look over at someone else.

Someone that has more Twitter followers than me.

Someone that has more products than me.

Someone that’s charging a lot more than me – and seemingly getting it!

When you’re running your own business, especially online and especially all by yourself, it can seem like everyone else is ahead of you in the game.

But what I’ve found over the years is that most often what we’re comparing ourselves to is someone else’s highlight reelnot the real backstage scenes.

I recently had a conversation on this very topic with the very put together Ellen Britt.  At least that’s how she appears to me. ;)

Listen here.

And then rest assured that you’re not alone.  And you’re not behind.  You’re right where you need to be.  Just keep your blinders on and keep moving one step at the time.


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