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26 Reasons It Took Me Six Months to Sell Anything Online

26 Reasons It Took Me Six Months to Sell Anything Online

FrustratedWoman Let’s face it, when we start our own business it’s so we can make money on our terms.

We crave the freedom to work when we want, independence from someone hovering over us and the ability to break through any income ceiling that has been imposed on us.

So imagine our surprise when we create our website, hang out our shingle…and then…crickets.

When I went online in 2010 I did not have one clue about how to sell from my website.  My mistakes were many: 

  1. A static website
  2. An outdated and hard to manage website platform
  3. Paying too much for my website
  4. Paying for too many bells and whistles I didn’t need
  5. No opt-in
  6. No blog
  7. No social media presence
  8. None of my own personality
  9. No plan
  10. No knowledge of how my website even worked
  11. No CMS
  12. No profit pyramid
  13. No stake in the online ground that set me apart from all the others out there
  14. No clear message of what I actually did
  15. No enticing free taste of my work
  16. No knowledge of content marketing
  17. No clue of what targeted marketing was
  18. Actually, no marketing at all
  19. No idea how to write sales copy (you know, if I had actually been marketing)
  20. No list and clueless as to a) what was meant by a “list” and b) why I even needed one
  21. No set plan to get anything done as I was now my own boss
  22. No accountability
  23. No goals
  24. No online “friends” to point me in the right direction
  25. Working under the notion that as soon as I went online I’d be “found”
  26. Relying entirely on myself to build this business from scratch 

I worked on my website and created products to sell in 2009.

I went “live” in January 2010.

My first sale was in June of that year.

Obviously, I was doing something wrong.

The turning point came in September of that year when I was introduced to a gal that did something like me – which, let’s admit it, isn’t exactly run-of-the-mill.

As a result, the short version is that I attended my first online marketing conference, eventually hired a business coach and the rest, as they say, is history.

I share this sob story with you because I know what you may be going through.  

But IF you’re truly ready for a change, now’s the time to do something about it.

No more free classes just picking up bits and pieces.

No more just copying what everyone else is doing.

No more DIYing all alone.

You need to get real about money, get a plan, learn and implement.  You need SUPPORT.

 Find It Here.


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